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Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry

October 18, 2012

If you like mystery and romance, this book by Marta Perry is one I think you enjoy. It is set the heart of Amish country in Pennsylvania. Who, in this peaceful town, would be so bent in preventing the opening of an another Bed and Breakfast, they would be willing to kill to stop it? What are the motives for the series of frightening accidents, which keep befalling this family?

Rachel Hampton, a young businesswoman from the big city, has personal reasons for not wanting to come back to this place which was once her childhood home. Still, family is important and after her sister suffers a severe hit and run accident, someone has to be there for her aging grandmother. Calvin Burke, the tenant who has taken residence in Grandmother’s barn, isn’t the simple carpenter he would like people to believe he is. What secrets is he hiding? How can the chemistry that develops between this pair have a chance of leading anywhere other than to heartbreak? All this and more are questions you’ll find answered while reading this intriguing book. It was one I enjoyed and I believe you will too.

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