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October 8, 2012

The new book from best selling author Chris Fabry is one I enjoyed from start to finish. From the first chapter, Borders of the Heart was hard to put down once started. The tale, set in Arizona near the Mexican border, is as fresh as the latest headlines. It involves border control and feuding drug lords intent on wrecking havoc on the US side of the border. Disillusioned with life and distrusting God’s mercy after a devastating lost, J. D. Jessup gives up a promising career in Nashville and moves to Arizona unsure of what his goals are other than to honor his deceased wife by learning about her passion for organic farming. On a routine trip to the back of the farm he discovers something that plunges him into a world of unsavory characters bent on taking the life of a Mexican girl he feels compelled to save in spite of warnings from his boss not to get involved with illegals. A trail of bodies is left the wake as the two attempt to excape with their lives. Mystery surrounds the girl. Who is she and can she be trusted? Each chapter leads to more clues and more dead ends until the exciting climax. This is the first of the Chris Fabry’s books I’ve read, but I will looking for more from this gifted author.


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